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Periodical and Flexible Labor Procurement

Periodical and Flexible Labor Procurement | Mittag The personnel procured for the project-based or temporary works also lends assistance to be able to decrease the cost burden that fast growing staffs bring and scale the needs. Number of the personnel who will be able to provide service between the certain days/hours for the company within the scope of agreement can be also suggested by MITTAG by considering the operational requirements.

The personnel leasing service provides the institution to be able to procure the professional human resources procurement services at more suitable conditions. MITTAG lends assistance the institutions to enhance the quality while reducing the human resources procurement service costs with the personnel leasing service that it provides by bringing the experience it gained from the sector for more than 20 years and strong human resource network together. MITTAG provides the qualified personnel drawn attention with the strong references for the purpose of working within the determined time frame for the institutions.


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