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What is Personnel Leasing (Outsourcing)?

“Outsourcing” (Personnel Leasing) is a concept that we will be able to define as Personnel Leasing. Outsourcing means that the institutions commend the business processes they need to an expert institution apart from them.

In other words, it is to position one or more than one expert technical personnel within customer to provide technical support during designated period within the scope of agreement for the subjects regarding with the needs of our customers.

In-house division of labor is transferred to the expert institutions by means of the outsourcing and thus, it is to provide an effective cost and saving of time to the firm experiencing workload. The firm can completely lean over on the subjects that it specialized in its own sector and range-up the labor productivity to higher levels.

Staff Rental Service | Mittag

Outsourcing Benefits;

  • It can make temporary and oriented to project objective recruitment.

  • It enables to select and use the expert personnel source.

  • Operational productivity, in other words centering upon the firm’s core business are provided.

  • It is provided to decrease the work costs and to prevent the loss of time.

  • It enables to take the projects under control.

  • Working time of the personnel becomes definite by means of the agreement.

  • In case where the personnel performance is not satisfied, it can make change without carrying risk.

  • It is provided personnel satisfaction coming into existence with decreasing the workload and taking care of the firm’s customers intensively and therefore increment of the customer satisfaction.

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